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    January 13, 2017 at 6:34 pm #16646

    Ok, so I do see that this theme is getting a lot of updates along user inputs
    I will write here problems that were discussed and resolved ,still the same or with bugs .
    and I encourage the rest of you to comment if you have different behaviour .

    most important of all :Search – still folowing issues:
    age search still does not work properly !(it works if you edit a talent the second time and save)

    other search problems includes :searching for talents between 19-20 I receive results with ages 19-20-21

    image sizes now is customizable and added 8 rows wich is great – the only bug is that the name box column will not resize with the images like it does on other portfolios pages

    search and reset buttons look weird – (diffrent sizes in font and buttons)

    searching for a name takes you directly to a talent detail , I have people with the same surname and it will choose one at random and go directly into talent details.
    we need when you search for a name to display all the talents with that name.

    Shortlist – mostly works perfect now as it should the only issue that I have is that if i choose to email the shortlisted talents it will squash them into a square and look bad . booking talents and pdf works fine although I don’t know if any of the details should appear … I only get the name

    Adding a talent- mostly works as intended – only problem is that required fields do not work even if set to “True”..you can add talent anyhow.

    I need to finish this soon and I still don’t know if this problems will be fixed or not , I don’t wan’t to add 2000 talents in db an then edit or modify them.

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